About Dawn Lee

Wow! That's a lot of letters!  What does it all mean?

In short, it means I've had extensive training outside of the required studies to be a licensed massage therapist in Texas.

LMT means that I am a licensed massage therapist. I graduated with honors from the Massage Therapist Certification program at the Institute of Bodywork Studies in Lewisville, Texas in 2004.  I have been in private practice ever since working primarily in a rehabilitative and chiropractic environment.  I have taken additional massage training and have been certified in pain management, prenatal massage, chair massage, advanced clinical bodywork, myofascial release, active release therapy and more.

I am also an MTI, or certified Massage Therapy Instructor.  I conduct continuing education workshops to help educate massage therapists and occasionally work in a massage school teaching massage students or tutor students one on one.  I have led workshops on subjects such as business for beginners, dealing with injury and chronic pain, conditions of the neck and shoulder, clinical pathology and more. I love working with students and other therapists because it keeps me up to date on the latest information in the industry and keeps my own skills sharp.

My credentials as an MMP means I am a Medical Massage  Practitioner.  This is a nationally recognized certification and indicates I have taken extensive training in adapting traditional massage techniques to work  with medical professionals to help clients with pain management issues and rehabilitative needs.

This includes advanced techniques designed to stabilize the spine, neck, pelvic girdle, to perform postural analysis and perhaps most exciting to many of you, it allows me to file for medical insurance benefits if massage is a covered modality in your plan.

I am currently a Nationally Certified Kinesio Tape practitioner (CKTP).  This certification indicates I've not only attended class to learn the techniques of taping but have passed a rigorous national certification exam that demonstrates my competency in the technique.  Currently I am the only practitioner in Denton County who has passed the exam and attained this certification.

Kinesio Tape is an exciting new tool for bodyworkers that works beautifully in conjunction with massage. You may have seen it in use on the Summer Olympics or other professional sporting events

I've had some incredible results with tape alleviating conditions such as chondromalacia (runners knee), piriformis syndrome (sciatica), osgood schlatter disease, sever's heel, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, lateral and medial epicondylitis (tennis and golfer's elbow) rotator cuff stabilization, chronic low back pain and more.  For more information check out www.kinesiotaping.com

And if that wasn't enough alphabet soup, I am also a member of the ABMP (Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals) and TAMT (Texas Massage Therapists Association)

Aside from my massage practice, I am also a mother, a relentless community volunteer and an avid (some say rabid) fan of the Dallas Stars.

Whether the goal of your session is to achieve balance, reduce pain, or to release stress, I have the background and training to personalize a session that will meet your needs.