How much does a massage cost?  What is your pricing?
I charge for my time, not for the service offered save for a few exceptions noted below that require either additional set up time or training.  I do this because I personalize each session to meet your individual needs and it may include a variety of modalities from Swedish, deep tissue, sports techniques or myofascial release.  A list of charges for a various services are listed below:

One hour Customized Massage $80.00
45 minute Customized Massage $60.00
30 minute Customized  Massage $40.00
Extended 90 minute Customized Massage $120.00

30 minute
 Prenatal Massage $60.00
60 minute Prenatal Massage $120.00  
75 minute Hot Stone Massage $120.00

Kinesio Taping:  $20.00 per area, with up to three areas for $30.00