What Can I Expect?

Every therapist personalizes their massage to suit the individual needs of their clients but there are a few basic guidelines that I adhere to in every massage.  This should answer most of the questions you may have about how a session with me will play out.

How long will my massage last?:

One hour (60 minutes) is the typical amount of time for a full-body massage session with 90 minutes also being quite common  A thirty-minute session is great for one area of the body such as back and neck.  

How much does a massage cost?  What is your pricing?

I charge for my time, not for the service offered save for a few exceptions noted below that require either additional set up time or training.  I do this because I personalize each session to meet your individual needs and it may include a variety of modalities from Swedish, deep tissue, sports techniques or myofascial release.  A list of charges for a various services are listed below:

One hour Customized Massage $80.00
45 minute Customized Massage $60.00
30 minute Customized  Massage $40.00
Extended 90 minute Customized Massage $120.00

30 minute
 Prenatal Massage $60.00
60 minute Prenatal Massage $120.00 (not recommended in 3rd trimester) 
75 minute Hot Stone Massage $120.00

Kinesio Taping:  $20.00 for one area. Up to three areas for $30

Does the Massage Therapist expect me to "chat" during the massage?
This is your time and you're paying for the experience.  The decision to "chat" is entirely yours. Being quiet can enhance your relaxation during the massage and the therapist understands and welcomes that enhancement. If you wish to chat during the massage, the therapist will probably accommodate you. During therapeutic massage procedures the therapist may ask you pertinent questions or give you simple instructions.

Do I need to be undressed? How should I dress?
No. It's not absolutely necessary, but for the best results during a full-body massage it's recommended. You really don't need to worry, most professional therapists "drape" you with a sheet.  Your modesty can and should always be preserved. I use full draping with a sheet and expose only the body part actually being massaged.

Even with draping I still would like to leave on my underclothes, is that OK?
Absolutely. Undress only to your level of comfort. If the therapist tells you that you MUST take off all clothing, find another therapist.  Most clients leave on their underwear and most female clients do remove their bras to make access to the back more productive but it is your choice. Your therapist should be accommodating to your needs.

Will the massage be painful?
No. Relaxation massage shouldn't be painful. You should feel free to let the therapist know if the pressure being used is causing you pain. You can get great results without pain. Some techniques can be uncomfortable but I will always work within your comfort level.

Can massage help me with pain from my medical condition?
Yes. Massage can help to lessen or eliminate pain stemming from a wide range of medical conditions that include fibromyalgia, lupus, myofascial pain syndrome, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ pain, migraines, and others but it is no replacement for responsible medical care. There are some conditions for which massage is contraindicated, ask your doctor and make sure to tell your Massage Therapist what condition for which you're seeking relief.

I bruise easily, can I still get a massage?
Yes. You should inform your Massage Therapist that you bruise easily and why i.e. medications, medical condition, etc. Your Massage Therapist can adjust his/her pressure and technique to prevent or minimize bruising.

How often should I have massage therapy?
How often you have massage therapy depends on your goals. Discuss this with your therapist at the time of your appointment to find a care plan that fits your needs and budget.