Benefits of Massage

Stress Reduction:

Massage is a great way to reduce the stress in your life. Not only are the physical effects very soothing, but there is often reduced anxiety and increased feelings of well-being. Massage has been proven to reduce levels of "stress hormones" that can be hazardous to your health.


Pain Relief:

Muscular aches and pains are often reduced or eliminated through massage therapy.    Pain relief from conditions such as chronic low back pain, fibromyalgia, lupus, myofascial pain syndrome, migraines and other headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis is common. 


Improved Circulation:

The circulation of the blood and lymph are generally improved, helping you to eliminate toxins, improve immune function, feel great, and promote healthy bodily function.


Improved Flexibility:

Massage can enhance tissue elasticity and flexibility and help increase the range of motion (mobility) of your joints. Even people with some forms of arthritis can receive this benefit - Ask your Doctor.


Better Sleep: 

Many people sleep more restfully after receiving massage therapy. The benefit continue even several days after massage therapy.


Improved Athletic Performance:

Anyone who wants to be better in their sport should have massage therapy. In addition to the benefits above, Sports Massage can reduce recovery time from workouts, help prevent injury, and speed up healing of injuries - letting you make greater gains.


And Let's not forget!  It feels GREAT!